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Your advice on getting ex back?

A lot of people like you struggle to get back your ex boyfriend/girlfriend back.

I doubt you will agree with me When I says some advice’s to Get Your Ex Back. So we asked a few experts to share the best advice’s.

The answers we received from these experts are just amazing. So don’t hesitate to read and follow these tips

Scot Mckay


Scot Mckay


Bio: Scot McKay is a Dating/Relationship expert and proud founder of X & Y Communications based on South Texas near both San Antonio and Austin, TX. He is a well know Dating Coach for both Men and Women. For more information check out his blog at

1. “It’s narcissistic to expect someone to reconcile after a particularly egregious breach, and self-destructive to reconcile with someone who has done a terrible wrong unto you.”

2. “If the breakup is caused by loss of attraction, it’s time to move on.” Tweet: If the breakup is caused by loss of attraction, it's time to move on.

3. “If caused by mismanagement of the relationship and/or a silly mistake, it’s worth trying to get back together.”

4. “If the ex is mentally ill, run away…period.”

5. “Ultimately, most couples who break up do so for a reason, and to be on-again/off-again typically points to lack of options and/or lack of self-confidence in raising the bar next time around.”

Brad Browning


Brad Browning


Bio: Brad Browning, a marriage/relationship coach with the passion of helping couples to fix their broken relationships. He is also the author of best-selling Ex Factor Guide program. For more information check out his blog at

1. “Apply the ‘no contact’ rule for at least 30 days.”Tweet: Apply the 'no contact' rule for at least 30 days.

2. “Pretend like you’re totally unaffected by the breakup and moving on to bigger and better things. (Focus on yourself and enjoying an active social life, working towards goals in work or school, etc)”

3. “Send your ex subtle reminders of positive memories and happy times you shared together. (Such as the text message examples included in my Ex Factor program)”

4. “Use jealousy to your advantage.​ (carefully!)”Tweet: Use jealousy to your advantage.​ (carefully!)

Miss Solomon


Miss Solomon


Bio: Miss Solomon is a dating expert, and personal brand specialist that helps single men and women find love faster than they ever thought possible. See more at:

1. “The best way to get an ex back is to forgive them and yourself for the mistakes that you’ve made. Often times we want to restart the same relationship and you can’t.”

2. “If you get back together make sure that you’re starting over with a new perspective instead of continuing the same troubled relationship that you had.”

3. “It’s important to make the fresh start, truly that, and not bring past problems into the new relationship. Be willing to let go of the pain of that past relationship.”

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Great To See You Again


Relationships are never easy.

Yet, sometimes when we take a step back, we realize that our former love is actually “the one.” Getting ex back can be complicated, but there are some steps that can make it possible.

  1. Rebuild the friendship

If you didn’t split on amicable terms, you need to start greasing these wheels. If you’re on good terms, this step will be vastly easier.

You want to make sure you remind your ex about the good times you had – not necessarily the romantic times. Fixate on the times that show that you both were a great team. Point out ways how you both balance each other. Maybe you can approach your ex with a problem you had back in the day, like fixing an appliance or listening to a problem at your work.

  1. Talk to the – just not too much

This step can be hard for some folks. You’re eager to get back with this person and you want to show it. You don’t want to run into competition or other struggles along the way.

Don’t freak out. Play it cool.

Just like you would with any budding relationship, you need to give your future partner some breathing room. Nagging them and texting all day is not the solution. In fact, if you call or text and they don’t get back with you right away, don’t harass them. Even if it takes them a day or two to reply, it’s OK. The idea of being with you again could be overwhelming. Maybe they are dating other people? Whatever it is, you’re probably as much on their minds as they are on yours. Just take it easy. Give them some room.

  1. Don’t smother them with affection

The same applies with how you treat your ex. Yes, you can be nice and flirty with them. However, declaring your love for them immediately may freak them out. Odds are, they’ll be repulsed by your actions and won’t consider the relationship. You need to build their trust and then get them on the feel-good side of things.

Trust me.

  1. Don’t repeat your mistakes

You need to review what worked in your prior relationship and what didn’t work. Why did you break up? Is it something totally salvageable? Then, build on that. Find ways to work with your partner again.  Show them you’ve grown up and learned lessons. That way, they can comfortably move forward with the notion of being with you again.

  1. Trust

This is the clincher for most couples. Find ways to build and restore the trust issues from your times together. You want them to know that you care, that you’re smarter and that you’re committed to being for them in the toughest of times.

Trust is the foundation for all good things in life. Of all the things you do here, build trust between you and your ex, and you’ll find some great results in the end.

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Relationship Guide

You have a troubling question these days, “Why my relationship is falling apart?”

You both used to be so happy, but lately you can’t seem to talk anymore without arguing. Your beloved has become distant, and you are starting to panic because you don’t know what to do. There are techniques to restore your loving connection, but first you need to identify the problems. Let’s talk about one of the most common reasons loving relationships can begin to fail.

Men And Women Think Differently

When conflict arises, men and women are wired to handle it in opposite ways. Both have the same goals – find a solution, and restore happiness. But each gender’s unique way to achieve those goals can increase misunderstanding. What can seem logical to a man often causes a woman to feel more hurt, and what seems obvious to her, only drives him further away.

Relationship Falling - Whats Wrong With Me

Dr. John Grey, the well-known family therapist, was the first to observe this pattern and release it to the public, in his famous book, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. His research gave us a clear understanding of how an otherwise loving relationship can fail, due to these differences in behavior.

Relationship falling

Men Produce Testosterone

1. It makes men need to be feeling effective.
2. Men REDUCE stress with activities that increase testosterone, including mental activity.
3. They like to retreat to think of solutions, and they get into their “fix it” mode. Give them a problem and they feel responsible for it.

Women Produce Oxytocin – The Love Hormone

1. When stressed, women make this hormone, which produces a phenomena scientists have labeled “Tend And Befriend.”
2. It makes a woman want to get closer and re-establish intimacy, often through talking.
3. Emotional hurt of perceived rejection increases if this need to get closer is refused.

So imagine a loving couple, experiencing conflict. He wants to retreat into his cave and figure out how to fix things. She wants to get close by talking everything out. It’s easy to see the potential for a very big misunderstanding! Conflict arises and both can begin to fear that the relationship is falling apart.

Misunderstanding in relationship

The man goes into silent “fix it” mode, and the woman then feels rejected and unloved. So she pours her heart out, hoping to draw him closer. Suddenly they have a heated argument going! He: “You tell me all this like it’s all my fault and now I am supposed to fix it!” He feels overwhelmed, blamed, and ineffective. She: “I just need to know you love me, and now you are pulling away!” She feels rejected.

Fight in relationship

Both partners’ conflict handling instincts are making each other feels worse, and like failures. “I can’t make you happy. I can’t do anything right.” Conflict escalates and they grow apart, each feeling increasingly hurt and misunderstood.

The solution for this kind of a breakdown is for both to learn how to work with these differences. With a little effort, self-education, and patience, more effective communication can be achieved that will prevent misunderstanding.

Check back with our website often for further help with answers to not only to the question, Why is my relationship falling apart, but also tips, advice, and support for relationship troubles of all kinds.

You can save your relationship!

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Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

Getting back with your ex even when he has a new boyfriend is possible with the following practical tips.  While the going may be tough in the first few weeks, persevere and you will be rewarded. 

Let’s face it. Getting back with your ex-boyfriend is already a challenging task especially when the relationship ended with anger, bitterness and pain experienced by both parties.  Getting back your ex-boyfriend becomes more challenging when he already has a new girlfriend! 

But before you fall into disappointment and despair about ever getting back together with your Mr. Right, you have to take heart in the strong possibility that you can still re-establish your relationship.  You just have to keep in mind that it will take patience, perseverance and passion on your part as well as time to be back in your ex-boyfriend’s arms.

Why Did We Break Up?

You should also follow these practical tips but be warned – the first few weeks after the break-up will be tough but even tough times will not last forever. In time, you will be able to gain a new perspective and, in the process, recognize the wisdom behind these tips particularly the no-contact rule. 

#1 Adopt the No-contact Rule

You miss him so much that the no-contact rule seems cruel considering that you want to call him, text him, and visit him at his home and office. You may even so far as to stalk him at home, in the office, and in his social media accounts because you still want to know about his daily goings-on.

Stop! The no-contact rule is a common rule of thumb for getting back with your ex-boyfriend for good reasons.  You have to give yourself sufficient time to gradually heal your own emotional wounds, think about your role in the breakdown of the relationship, and become a better person from the lessons you have learned from the breakup. You also have to give your ex-boyfriend the time for these things, too, not to mention to make him miss your company. 

The number of weeks that you should avoid all forms of communication and contact with your ex-boyfriend varies. You should follow your gut instinct but relationship experts recommend 2 months before making your presence known again.  When you are ready to communicate with your ex-boyfriend without breaking down into an emotional heap, talking about the past, and begging for reconciliation, then you are ready for the next steps.

#2 Adopt a Subtle and Gradual Approach

You have to avoid becoming aggressive about getting back together with your ex-boyfriend. Otherwise, you will turn him off with your needy, manipulative and persistent attitude, which may have been the reasons you broke up in the first place. Instead, you should adopt a subtle and gradual approach that will likely win him over and keep him by your side for good. 

Start with a simple text or private Facebook message, such as “How are you? I hope you’re fine.”

Facebook Chat

Your purpose is to determine whether your ex-boyfriend is still willing to reconnect but be sure not to put pressure on him to respond. Just wait patiently. 

Slowly open the lines of communication again. When he responds, you can gradually move into lengthier texts or messages, perhaps even a few minutes of conversations on the phone or a meet-up for a friendly coffee date, no pressures.  You want to re-establish a friendship without necessarily moving into the dreaded friend zone, a balance that you can achieve by keeping off the topic of reconciliation but putting in small yet meaningful reminders of the good times you have shared before the breakup. 

Let your natural physical and emotional chemistry happen naturally. You have once been strongly attracted to each other, which you can work on getting back together albeit in a subtle manner.  You have to avoid proposing reconciliation right off the bat especially when you are just getting more comfortable with each other; trust your gut instinct about the right time to open up the topic of reconciliation. 

Discuss the possibility of getting back together with your ex-boyfriend. You have to avoid your past mistakes about handling reconciliation, such as becoming emotional about it, dredging up the past, and putting the blame on your ex-boyfriend. Your best bet is to start with a clean slate.

Facebook Chat

Of course, these are general tips about getting back together with your ex-boyfriend even when he already has a rebound girlfriend. You should read more detailed tips about the matter so that your chances of success increase.

What about you? What other tips do you have that will help others get back with their exes? 

You may be instrumental in their success, too, so put your comment in the section below.

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